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3 Sisters Vegetarian Chili, with Winter Squash, Corn and Beans

While we’ve started planning for the new growing season, we’re still eating from the last, and this 3 Sisters Vegetarian Chili with Winter Squash, Corn and Beans makes good use of what we have left in storage. To the traditional … Continue reading

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Kjötsúpa — Icelandic Lamb Soup

“Apart from taking lýsi (cod liver oil), kjötsúpa is the best cure for short-day depression and a vitamin boost for those suffering from a relentless cold.” — “Winter Soup“ Winter is the time to make kjötsúpa, a traditional lamb soup that’s like Iceland in a bowl, … Continue reading

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11.18.13 Planting Garlic

Planting garlic is one of the most hopeful acts in the garden, a commitment to the next season. It’s the last to go in the ground and, when spring returns, the first to come up. We patiently peel back the … Continue reading

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11.11.13 Under Cover

The garden beds are now readied for winter, a sign of quieter days ahead. To the rear, one of the hoop-covered beds holds hardy carrots, celeriac, and leeks. The other one contains kale, chard and salad greens snug under an … Continue reading

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10.28.13 Awaiting First Frost

With the forecast of frost, we’ve been conducting vegetable triage, sorting which will survive and which need immediate attention. Like eggplant and tomatoes, peppers are frost-sensitive (31° – 34°F), and we harvested a mix of red and green Shishitos.   … Continue reading

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Christmas Lima Bean Stew

These aren’t the Lima beans we know from childhood, the much-maligned subject of many a dinnertime battle. If you should chance upon Christmas Limas at the farmers’ market, put aside all preconceptions and bring some home to try. As delicious … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Oaties

We’re lucky to have a real bakery in town. With artisan baked goods their focus, Beach Pea Baking Co. fills their cozy shop with crusty, fresh bread and all manner of tempting treats. And when we stop by, we always come … Continue reading

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