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Putting Up: Pickled Cranberries

These days leading up to the holidays are hectic ones, and this quick batch of Pickled Cranberries provided an unexpected moment of quiet in the kitchen, a kind of comfort in the making, as well as some glittering, festive jars that’ll keep me from arriving … Continue reading

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Putting Up: Quick Pickled Asparagus + Preserving Round-Up

It may be the result of a late spring or that many local farmers are now growing it, but for the first time there’s enough asparagus around to consider putting some of it up. After considering our options (see Resources: Preserving Asparagus below), we decided … Continue reading

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Putting Up: Beet Pickled Quail Eggs

These Beet Pickled Quail Eggs, cheerfully tinted pink, are like a grown-up version of dyeing eggs for Easter. We first encountered these when a farmer friend, who was expanding into raising quail, started experimenting with pickling their eggs. Ever since … Continue reading

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Putting Up: Sweet Cherry Tomato Pickles

We made Sweet Cherry Tomato Pickles for the first time last year, and they quickly became a favorite. Juicy, tangy and bite-sized, they’re easy to serve as is or blended together for a quick vinaigrette. With the tomato season holding … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: A Pickle Primer

“The laws of hair care are simple and finite.” — Elle, “Legally Blonde” We’ve all had them, bad hair days. And, for those who practice the art of canning, the same goes for less than optimum pickles. Luckily, like hair … Continue reading

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7.1.13 Days of Vegetables and Roses

A thick hedge of rosa rugosas borders two sides of our vegetable garden. They were already here when we moved in, and, though they’re not thought of as companions, are excellent at attracting natural pollinators to the garden. Rhubarb leftover … Continue reading

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4.29.13 Preserving the New Season

While inspecting our stores and planning this year’s garden, we’re making a mental list of things to preserve in the coming season: – Freezing peas — One of the earliest tasks; as with tomatoes, we can’t imagine not having some stored away … Continue reading

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