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New Year’s Cotechino Sausage with Lentils

We began our New Year’s celebration early, and cooked up a luscious Cotechino sausage to serve with a potful of nutty lentils, and a side of winter-sweetened braised carrots. Many thanks to Rook, the talented butcher at Maine Meat, for his house made version of this … Continue reading

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Stuffed Cabbage in the Trôo Style

“I have tried it with various spicy and aromatic additions, tomatoes, bits of bacon, herbs and so on, but reject them all in favour of the Trôo simplicity of cabbage, good sausagement and butter. It has a pure directness that … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut with Bacon, Onion and Apple

Like a lot of things, we were more inclined to make Sauerkraut once we figured out what to do with it. However, with neither of us familiar with cooking with it, it wasn’t until our friend passed along his German grandmother’s … Continue reading

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Christmas Lima Bean Stew

These aren’t the Lima beans we know from childhood, the much-maligned subject of many a dinnertime battle. If you should chance upon Christmas Limas at the farmers’ market, put aside all preconceptions and bring some home to try. As delicious … Continue reading

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Savory Sausage and Kale Tart

It’s hard to follow a recipe exactly. I once did a stint testing recipes as it sounded like fun, I wanted exposure to a new range of recipes, and, mostly, I was curious to see if they would work using … Continue reading

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