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First signs of spring

No matter how dark or optimal the storage conditions, roots somehow know the changing of the season. Though the bulbs may be spent in the effort, their newly emergent greens are a welcome addition in my kitchen — chopped up, they’re … Continue reading

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Stewing Hens and Storage Onions from Orange Circle Farm

Stewing hens are a natural part of the cycle of keeping layers, and the ones that Orange Circle Farm currently have available produce a pure, clean broth that can only come from chickens that have led a well-cared for life. I’ll can up the nutritious … Continue reading

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Pajeon — Savory Korean Pancakes with Green Garlic

In a shift from winter back to cooking in the moment, we followed our noses and found fragrant green garlic at the Exeter Farmers’ Market, freshly dug from Meadow’s Mirth Farm. We came away with a heady armful, and quickly made … Continue reading

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5.5.14 Foraging Wild Garlic — Allium vineale

There’s a patch of garden next to the back door that’s a little less kempt and where straggly clumps of grass reappear every spring. In our sporadic attempts to tidy it, we’ve pulled these weedy plants up by the handful, only … Continue reading

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4.29.14 Pea seedlings and other garden sightings

“Though other crops in their season — fine lettuces and radishes, green beans, tomatoes ripened on the vine, or fresh-picked corn — justify the vegetable garden and all the labor it entails, peas, really fresh peas picked at the briefest … Continue reading

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Winter Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage

After it appeared in Bon Appetit last February, this recipe for Winter Squash Carbonara was quick to gain popularity, and deservedly so. It reminded us of when its sister publication Gourmet ran a column of tempting weeknight recipes that were known for their ease … Continue reading

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3.24.14 When the Garden Started

When the Garden Started For me, I think it started with the free seeds end of school fourth grade, and a few weeks later radishes then lettuce then peas. Or maybe it was the smell of the sweet peas Gramp … Continue reading

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