11.11.13 Under Cover


The garden beds are now readied for winter, a sign of quieter days ahead. To the rear, one of the hoop-covered beds holds hardy carrots, celeriac, and leeks. The other one contains kale, chard and salad greens snug under an extra layer of row cover beneath the hoops. In the front, a floating row cover provides some extra protection for frost-tolerant tatsoi and chicories. As for the middle bed, the cover is to keep it from freezing to allow us to plant garlic before the month’s end.

Harvesting: Chicories (puntarelle), tatsoi, kale, chard, salad greens, and fennel.

Preserving: Red pepper ristras for drying.

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15 Responses to 11.11.13 Under Cover

  1. Barbara Good says:

    Looking very organised and ready for the cold.

  2. Eileen says:

    And so another season says farewell.

  3. Sam F says:

    I just picked my final cuke today and got four tomatoes. We may get our first frost tonight. But I also planted garlic and covered it in hay. Curious that you’re waiting on garlic planting.

  4. I love your hoops. I hope to be more organized next year and have some just like yours to help extend the harvest. The double row cover should serve you very well. Last year, I had to lift off the first 4-inches of frozen soil to plant my garlic :)

  5. Michelle says:

    I’ve just started cleaning out my beds and am feeling a little sad about the bare spots. But the summer stragglers are still producing so I’m still getting some decent harvests. It’s hard to believe that winter is knocking on the door. Your garden looks snug and ready for the season.

  6. Norma Chang says:

    Did not know celeriac and leeks would survive through the winter under cover. Will the ground freeze?

    • Thought we have celeriac and leeks heavily mulched and under cover, you’re right, they won’t survive the ground freezing. We’ll begin to harvest some this week, and the rest when enough storage area opens up.

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