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7.1.13 Days of Vegetables and Roses

A thick hedge of rosa rugosas borders two sides of our vegetable garden. They were already here when we moved in, and, though they’re not thought of as companions, are excellent at attracting natural pollinators to the garden. Rhubarb leftover … Continue reading

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4.15.13 Spring Ramps + Overwintered Greens

We are beyond excited to find our planting of ramps finally making an appearance. With very little else on the scene, they aren’t shy about calling attention to themselves.  We found two small patches, both planted last April from ramps … Continue reading

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2.4.13 Under cover: winter greens and chicories

It’s been a month since our year-end harvest and, with a run of subzero days, we didn’t know what to expect when we went to check on the garden beds. We pulled back the row covers with trepidation, what rotten mess would we … Continue reading

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12.10.12 Season extension greens, composting

The greens under cover are holding on — this week’s harvest includes puntarelle, fun jen, pan di zucchero chicory, and salad greens. A few of the puntarelle were left in the ground to see how long they’ll survive the cold. … Continue reading

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12.3.12 Early December Harvest: Celeriac, leeks, carrots, and greens

The garden trug sits by the back door, mostly unused as of late. With an inch of snowfall this past week-end, we considered bringing it in and retiring it for the season. Monday, though, brought a bounce in the weather, … Continue reading

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8.20.12 Summer in a jar

These jars are like a timeline of summer’s harvests. Ever since reading about Daphne’s refrigerator pickles, our refrigerator has been slowly filling up with them, added to as the season progresses. Left to right: baby carrots, Cincinnati Market radishes, and … Continue reading

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6.25.12 Pre-heatwave harvest

To stave off damage from last week’s heat wave, we watered heavily — including carrying buckets of it out to the rhubarb patch — and tented the raised beds with row cover to provide some shade, harvesting all that we … Continue reading

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