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Pajeon — Savory Korean Pancakes with Green Garlic

In a shift from winter back to cooking in the moment, we followed our noses and found fragrant green garlic at the Exeter Farmers’ Market, freshly dug from Meadow’s Mirth Farm. We came away with a heady armful, and quickly made … Continue reading

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3 Sisters Vegetarian Chili, with Winter Squash, Corn and Beans

While we’ve started planning for the new growing season, we’re still eating from the last, and this 3 Sisters Vegetarian Chili with Winter Squash, Corn and Beans makes good use of what we have left in storage. To the traditional … Continue reading

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Putting Up: Red Pepper Ristras

We often keep strands of dried peppers, called ristras, hanging in the kitchen, however, it wasn’t until we were faced with a bushel of them that we had the chance to make our own. Beyond the cultural mash-up of making … Continue reading

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10.28.13 Awaiting First Frost

With the forecast of frost, we’ve been conducting vegetable triage, sorting which will survive and which need immediate attention. Like eggplant and tomatoes, peppers are frost-sensitive (31° – 34°F), and we harvested a mix of red and green Shishitos.   … Continue reading

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Christmas Lima Bean Stew

These aren’t the Lima beans we know from childhood, the much-maligned subject of many a dinnertime battle. If you should chance upon Christmas Limas at the farmers’ market, put aside all preconceptions and bring some home to try. As delicious … Continue reading

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Putting Up: Carrot Pepper Salsa, Canned + Lacto-Fermented

Like seed catalogs for home gardeners, fellow preserver Kate says the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is the canner’s equivalent — wonderful to browse mid-winter and dream of the colorful jars to come. It was while thumbing through the salsa section that we … Continue reading

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Roasted Ratatouille

A late summer harvest of tomatoes, eggplant, summer squash, sweet peppers and onions were roasted up in individual batches, then gently mixed together, and stashed in the freezer as part of our winter stores. Local ingredients: Eggplant and sweet onions … Continue reading

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