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6.16.14 Auspicious days

“And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.” — James Russell Lowell Above: Sea kale in full flower, more than enough to produce seedpods. According to the lunar calendar, the week’s full moon gave us … Continue reading

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4.14.14 Sprouting Garlic + Planting Peas and Favas

The last clove of Music garlic, sprouting, an intimation of what’s happening in the garden. When we poked through the garlic bed, we found the ground still frozen. The top mulch was removed to give it a chance to thaw, and we found the … Continue reading

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10.7.13 Picky Eaters

There’s very little worse than coming into the garden and finding that deer have been foraging around. The garden gate was left open overnight and, by the looks of things, they took full advantage of the opportunity. After a quick … Continue reading

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8.5.13 Mid-Summer Harvest

The beginning of August marks the midpoint between the summer solstice and fall equinox. Known as Lammas or Lughnasa, this is the time when harvesting begins in earnest. Above: Costata Romanesco zucchini, Zephyr summer squash, National Pickling and Boothby Blonde … Continue reading

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Penne with Fava Beans, Summer Squash and Blossoms

When the question of dinner came up, the garden answered loud and clear. This summery version of Vignarola makes use of everything starting to come in, and then some — the first of the fava beans, a mix of baby summer squash with … Continue reading

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6.24.13 Greens, Scapes, and Rhubarb

The long spring allowed us to put off picking rhubarb until this week. It’s rare that their season coincides with that of local strawberries, and, to celebrate, we straight away made a strawberry rhubarb galette. All of the garlic is … Continue reading

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6.3.13 Beneficial Procrastination

Touring other’s gardens online, we see that we’re woefully behind in our own. We’ve flats of seedlings to get into the garden, while the overwintered plants have yet to be pulled up. Several weeks ago, we’d harvested what we thought … Continue reading

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