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Kjötsúpa — Icelandic Lamb Soup

“Apart from taking lýsi (cod liver oil), kjötsúpa is the best cure for short-day depression and a vitamin boost for those suffering from a relentless cold.” — “Winter Soup“ Winter is the time to make kjötsúpa, a traditional lamb soup that’s like Iceland in a bowl, … Continue reading

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Reykjavik, Part 4: Cod Wars and Hot Dogs

Iceland’s history is inextricably bound with that of fishing, for sustenance as well as for export. As these two paintings hanging in our hotel depict, while the men fished, the women processed — dried cod in earlier days, salted herring later. … Continue reading

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Rekjavik, Part 3: Settlement Life

After the whirlwind of touring Iceland’s Golden Circle, we settled in for a more leisurely pace. We breakfasted near our hotel at the comfy C is for Cookie, and sampled pönnukökur, Icelandic pancakes similar to crepes. One choice is to eat … Continue reading

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Reykjavik, Part 2: The Golden Circle

Sometimes you just have to give in, be a tourist, do touristy things, and go sightseeing. With continued brilliant weather ahead, we hopped on the popular excursion known as the Golden Circle. From coastal Reykjavik, the day-long bus tour travels inland … Continue reading

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Reykjavik, Part 1: Icelandic Daze

I awoke just in time to see Greenland outside my window. We were on a flight to Reykjavik, and the Mercator maps hadn’t prepared me for how close to the arctic circle we’d be traveling. From Boston to Iceland, I’d assumed … Continue reading

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