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Finding Local: Maine Grains Flour and Grains

A brand new display of Maine Grains just appeared at Philbrick’s Fresh Market in Portsmouth — including their whole wheat flour, sifted wheat flour, wheat berries and cracked oats, all from Aroostook County and stone ground at the Somerset Grist Mill in Skowhegan — making it easier … Continue reading

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Daily Bread: Cider Molasses Quick Bread

Essentially a quick version of brown bread, this hearty loaf is a beautiful expression of local ingredients, and has become one of our favorite ways to use the grainy whole wheat flour and nutty cornmeal being produced around us. We’ve gotten in the habit of … Continue reading

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Daily Bread: Semolina Loaf, Bialys, and Morning Buns

We never realized how much bread we eat until we took up the challenge of baking our own. Whether a slice of toast for breakfast, a quick sandwich at lunch, or something crusty to go alongside soup for supper, one … Continue reading

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Barley Scones with Rhubarb-Ginger Jam

I’m a terrible shopper when traveling. Fortunately, the Gardener is not. Other husbands may bring home gifts of meat. Much like the Will Ferrell character in the movie Stranger than Fiction, mine brings me flours. There was buckwheat flour from a … Continue reading

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Digestive Biscuits

Plain, simple, humble. Above any other, this recipe for digestives, a type of cookie, lets locally-grown whole wheat flour shine in all its glory. They’re from Hanne Risgaard’s Home Baked: Nordic Recipes and Techniques for Organic Bread and Pastry, with special thanks … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Pretzel Rolls

Buttermilk Pretzel Rolls, those three words combined says it all. They fit snugly in the palm of a hand, as a roll should, and, like a pretzel, beg to be torn apart to be fully enjoyed, with the buttermilk lending … Continue reading

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Baking with Locally Grown Grains

It used to be the challenge was in sourcing locally grown grains. As their availability increases, so is the knowledge about baking with them. At the forefront of passing on this knowledge is Jeffrey Hamelman of King Arthur Flour, who offered a … Continue reading

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