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Roasted Mushroom Soup with Potatoes and Leeks

The thing we like best about soup is how well it takes to improvising, and a recent visit to the farmers’ market had us imagining a rustic mushroom soup, almost chowder-like, with chunks of potatoes and curly leeks rounding things out. The appearance of a new … Continue reading

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3.24.14 When the Garden Started

When the Garden Started For me, I think it started with the free seeds end of school fourth grade, and a few weeks later radishes then lettuce then peas. Or maybe it was the smell of the sweet peas Gramp … Continue reading

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3.17.14 Winter Leeks + Ice-Bred Arugula

With spring just around the corner and seeds about to be started, it seemed unfair to leave the few leeks remaining in the ground any longer. As you see, they’ve soldiered on through the harsh winter hardly the worse for … Continue reading

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1.27.14 Winter Leeks

Overwintered leeks — the first harvest of the year, and the last from the previous one.  This mix of King Sieg and Siegfried leeks, both hardy varieties, has weathered this season’s subzero temperatures with surprising tenacity.  Even the trimmings are … Continue reading

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12.23.13 Solstice Harvest

One last harvest before the end of the year — a basketful of winter celeriac and leeks. After two back-to-back snowstorms, a week-end thaw allowed us to pull up the row covers and check on the beds after weeks of … Continue reading

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11.18.13 Planting Garlic

Planting garlic is one of the most hopeful acts in the garden, a commitment to the next season. It’s the last to go in the ground and, when spring returns, the first to come up. We patiently peel back the … Continue reading

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11.11.13 Under Cover

The garden beds are now readied for winter, a sign of quieter days ahead. To the rear, one of the hoop-covered beds holds hardy carrots, celeriac, and leeks. The other one contains kale, chard and salad greens snug under an … Continue reading

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