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My song of snow in sight

“…how slender my heart should you then doubt my fear of deep intention would you be more than the commended old wrong would you be still my song of snow in sight…” — Mia You, Contract between Forward and Reply

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(Re)Learning to Ski in Craftsbury, Vermont

Just spent the good part of a week at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, one of the premier training centers in New England, to brush up on my cross-country skiing skills, and came away feeling More Competent and certainly with Increased Confidence. Many … Continue reading

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Year of the Rooster

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar calendar, and what better way to celebrate than with a dimsum lunch of dumplings for luck in the New Year!

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It’s as if we’ve all been unconsciously waiting with our breaths held, and the arrival this week of more temperate weather has allowed us to finally exhale, open the windows to let in the air, and stretch towards the springtime sun. … Continue reading

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Pan-Fried Noodles with Curried Chicken & Tofu

I meant to make longevity noodles to celebrate Chinese New Year’s and, with time running shorter than expected, instead threw together some kitchen staples for a bowlful of pan-fried noodles with curried chicken sausage and marinated tofu — a dish that cooked up so quickly, it almost qualifies … Continue reading

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1.21.12 Blue afternoon

Once it stopped snowing, we checked on the covered beds to make sure they hadn’t collapsed. Only a couple of inches of accumulation. It was late afternoon and everything was cast in a blue light. We took a walk… …down … Continue reading

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Help Save Heirloom Seeds, Buy a Catalog Now

“To put it simply—these are good people with a small, historic business, selling important products during difficult times.”  — Ricki Carroll Campaign to Save D. Landreth Seed Company Purchase a catalog for $5 and help save the oldest seed company … Continue reading

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