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Rhubarb Buttermilk Pie

“Each Pie Maker is called to a particular type of pie. It is a deeper, more profound relationship than a favorite pie or one’s specialty. It is closer to destiny or fate.” — Anne Dimock, “Humble Pie” We heard the … Continue reading

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2 Spring Pizzas: Asparagus + Arugula

 Authenticity aside, pizza is a personal thing. It’s why, with so many places to choose from, we still make our own. In keeping with the season, we made up a pair of what we call spring pizzas, topped with pillowy soft mozzarella and whatever’s fresh in … Continue reading

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Spekkoek — Thousand Layer Spice Cake

My mother used to make something we would call 10-Egg Cake, a name based on the number of eggs baked into it. Spekkoek, or Thousand Layer Spice Cake, is a similarly egg-laden concoction. Though the name is more poetic than actual, it’s composed of multiple … Continue reading

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Daily Bread: Cider Molasses Quick Bread

Essentially a quick version of brown bread, this hearty loaf is a beautiful expression of local ingredients, and has become one of our favorite ways to use the grainy whole wheat flour and nutty cornmeal being produced around us. We’ve gotten in the habit of … Continue reading

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Daily Bread: Hot Bagels

“Gimme a dozen, my life’s blood — without bagels, what is a day?” If you’re a frequent visitor here, you’re already familiar with our infatuation with baking bagels at home. Filmed in Brooklyn during the 70’s, Hot Bagels shows the age-old process of … Continue reading

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Torta Verde — Chard and Potato Tart

We’ve had this Torta Verde, a rustic tart from Liguria, bookmarked for years, but were always hesitant to tackle it because of the dough. It’s meant to be rolled out paper thin, as if it were a sheet of pasta, … Continue reading

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Open Hearth Cooking Class: Coffins

“Raise a coffin neatly of hot paste, bone your turkey, season it with savory spices, add one pound of ham, a little force meat, a little grave and half a pound of butter, close up the pie and ornament it, … Continue reading

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