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6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

With Solstice’s long, sunny days as encouragement, newly planted seeds worked overtime to emerge. We’re always glad to see signs in the garden that seeds have germinated, and on this particular day it seemed they got bigger every time we looked. To prove that we … Continue reading

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6.16.14 Auspicious days

“And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.” — James Russell Lowell Above: Sea kale in full flower, more than enough to produce seedpods. According to the lunar calendar, the week’s full moon gave us … Continue reading

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4.29.14 Pea seedlings and other garden sightings

“Though other crops in their season — fine lettuces and radishes, green beans, tomatoes ripened on the vine, or fresh-picked corn — justify the vegetable garden and all the labor it entails, peas, really fresh peas picked at the briefest … Continue reading

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4.14.14 Sprouting Garlic + Planting Peas and Favas

The last clove of Music garlic, sprouting, an intimation of what’s happening in the garden. When we poked through the garlic bed, we found the ground still frozen. The top mulch was removed to give it a chance to thaw, and we found the … Continue reading

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Summer Pea Soup, with Walnut Bread and Herbed Cream Cheese

A day of rest and recuperation called for gently heated minty pea soup mixed with potato leek from The Soup Guy, seasoned with some good olive oil and saved just for this occasion; walnut bread made with Maine Grains and baked off … Continue reading

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7.30.13 Garden Bouquets

Vegetables are trickling in, beginning with carrot thinnings… …a mixed bouquet of radishes… …joined by the first of the cucumbers… …and summer squash, and the last of the peas. Harvesting this week: Salad greens, kale, chard, peas, favas, cucumbers, summer … Continue reading

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Penne with Fava Beans, Summer Squash and Blossoms

When the question of dinner came up, the garden answered loud and clear. This summery version of Vignarola makes use of everything starting to come in, and then some — the first of the fava beans, a mix of baby summer squash with … Continue reading

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