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New Traditions: Christmas Eve at The Franklin Oyster House

The many changes of the past year calls for new traditions, and one of them is having oysters on Christmas Eve at The Franklin Oyster House. There’s always a large selection to choose from and, to make it easy on … Continue reading

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Wild Massachusetts Razor Clams

While on a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend, I spotted wild razor clams from Massachusetts at the Eataly fish counter. Though harvested in our own region, most of these bivalves get shipped off to other places like Chicago, and … Continue reading

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Maine Fare: Taste of the Sea at Vinland

A recent dinner at Vinland in Portland, a restaurant known for its commitment to sourcing locally, featured Maine seaweed from Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company in each of the tasting menu’s five delectable courses. The evening was part of a series of special events hosted by Maine Fare in celebration … Continue reading

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Roast Cod with Tomatoes, Basil and Potatoes

Roast cod, for when local cod appears at the fish market — Smothered in a mix of late-season tomatoes, garlic, and last of the basil, and oven-roasted over a bed of potatoes pan-fried in good olive oil. Leftovers are turned … Continue reading

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Cucumber Gazpacho with Shrimp, Basil and Lime

This week’s burst of August heat calls for a bowlful of cool Cucumber Gazpacho topped  with a salad garnish of Northern shrimp, basil and lime. Serving as a base, the gazpacho easily adapts to what’s freshest or on hand — … Continue reading

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Local Food: Shrimp and Cabbage Fritters + Winter Salad

I was going to call this post, “Not just potatoes.” This is for one of my cooking students who asked what could there possibly be to eat during winter that’s local. When I described what farmers were bringing to our … Continue reading

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A Winter Trek for Local Shrimp

Word came that Northern shrimp was available, but that this year’s catch was limited due to a considerably shortened season. We immediately reserved a bucket and set off as the light was fading, straight into a coming snowstorm. With a winter storm … Continue reading

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