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6.9.14 Spring seedlings and thinnings

“How insignificant our effort beside that of a seed.” — Marada Cook, Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative Above: Agretti seedlings. Seeds planted this week: Carrots, fun jen; second round of favas, radishes, arugula, salad greens.  Above: Comparing transplanted fennel (left) with directly seeded … Continue reading

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3.24.14 When the Garden Started

When the Garden Started For me, I think it started with the free seeds end of school fourth grade, and a few weeks later radishes then lettuce then peas. Or maybe it was the smell of the sweet peas Gramp … Continue reading

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11.4.13 Fennel Flowers, Bulbs & Seeds

When harvesting fennel, we’ve learned to leave the taproots in place, which sprout again for a second and sometimes third harvest. These baby bulbs went immediately into a pot of chicken braised in milk, along with their fronds and a handful … Continue reading

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8.19.13 Fennel: Bulb and Herb

We’re refining our planting list, and took a closer look at which of the various fennel varieties best suit our needs. Of the three fennel we planted this year (left to right): Orion had the plumpest bulbs, Finale had the most … Continue reading

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6.18.13 Good Weather Days

Though, by the calendar, Solstice is near, it remains very much spring here. The scent of lilacs mingles with that of their later companions, peonies and roses, in our daily rounds of the garden. Hailstorm aside, the warming days, cooler … Continue reading

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4.8.13 Spring Seedlings + Winter Tomatoes

Spring is taking its time arriving, the early occurrence of Easter a false start to the season. There’s very little to forage from the garden, though we found a sprouting onion in storage that we’re keeping for the greens. The … Continue reading

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Smoky Tomato and Bacon Chowder

“All chowders were born of necessity. They were invented by humble working people, who made them with local, inexpensive ingredients from the sea or the land.” — Jasper White, “50 Chowders” Most think of clams or fish when it comes … Continue reading

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