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Finding Local: Kittery Community Market

A sunny midday stroll to the weekly Kittery Community Market ended with a basket full of sparkling fresh lettuce from Greenlaw Gardens, lacinato kale and kohlrabi from Bumbleroot Organic Farm, Maine Grains whole wheat pasta and polenta from Four Star Fresh, topped with a cheery … Continue reading

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10.6.14 National Noodle Day: Soba Master Tatsuru Rai

In answer to the question “What is Cooking?” Soba master Tatsuru Rai choose to demonstrate making soba noodles by hand. Though he remains silent, the process itself is far from it. His rhythmic movements beat out a precise rhythm, resulting in a kind … Continue reading

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Sorrel Fettucine + Sorrel Pesto

Like “lemonade in a leaf,” sorrel’s tart and tangy flavor brightens this simple combination of sorrel fettucine dressed with sorrel pesto. Featuring this perennial herb in both the pasta and the pesto delivers a double dose of spring. Sorrel’s acidic flavor makes this European plant a sought after source of vitamin … Continue reading

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Fatto a Mano — Pasta by Hand

I did a presentation on the whimsical pasta of the city of Matera for my Italian class, and prepared several different shapes to bring in and show, per mostrare e raccontare. The pasta was formed by hand with a basic dough made from semolina flour and water. Clockwise, from top left: Minnicchi, made … Continue reading

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Slurry Noodles

Following our first attempts at making noodles, we came across this video of a street vendor in China preparing sweet potato starch noodles while at the same time demonstrating some lesser understood laws governing non-Newtonian fluids. If you’ve ever mixed cornstarch with water into a slurry … Continue reading

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Winter Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage

After it appeared in Bon Appetit last February, this recipe for Winter Squash Carbonara was quick to gain popularity, and deservedly so. It reminded us of when its sister publication Gourmet ran a column of tempting weeknight recipes that were known for their ease … Continue reading

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Homemade Udon Noodles with Asian Greens

While some keep life lists for birding, ours is based on making pasta. With inspiration from Rose’s Vietnamese version, we now can add Japanese udon to our life list as well. Where her noodles utilized a mix of tapioca and … Continue reading

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