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12.9.13 Rosette Tatsoi

Tatsoi goes by several names, such as spoon mustard or spinach mustard. It’s only during the colder part of the season and you see the plant in its entirety that the name rosette bok choy makes sense. It’s rumored that … Continue reading

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7.8.13 Shell Peas and Greens

The peas we bring home from the farmers’ market are mostly for preserving, while the homegrown ones are solely reserved for eating right away. The first planting of them are finally ready, while the second batch has come to halt … Continue reading

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6.3.13 Beneficial Procrastination

Touring other’s gardens online, we see that we’re woefully behind in our own. We’ve flats of seedlings to get into the garden, while the overwintered plants have yet to be pulled up. Several weeks ago, we’d harvested what we thought … Continue reading

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2.4.13 Under cover: winter greens and chicories

It’s been a month since our year-end harvest and, with a run of subzero days, we didn’t know what to expect when we went to check on the garden beds. We pulled back the row covers with trepidation, what rotten mess would we … Continue reading

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12.31.12 Harvest for the New Year

After days of veering between rain and sleet, we’ve finally settled into some snow. The garden’s made it through the end of the year, the sunny day giving us the chance for one last harvest before the cold overcomes it. … Continue reading

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12.3.12 Early December Harvest: Celeriac, leeks, carrots, and greens

The garden trug sits by the back door, mostly unused as of late. With an inch of snowfall this past week-end, we considered bringing it in and retiring it for the season. Monday, though, brought a bounce in the weather, … Continue reading

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11.26.12 Daikon, tatsoi and winter radishes

Overnight temperatures are predicted to fall below freezing for much of the week ahead. The daikon, green meat and watermelon radishes are only under a row cover, and we harvested what we could to transfer into cold storage. Though it … Continue reading

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