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Salad Days — Lobster with Corn and Basil

I’d returned from a week hiking in Newfoundland and, faced with a bare fridge and a radical change in weather, I was glad to be able to cobble together a summery lobster salad mixed with niblets of sweet corn and a handful of … Continue reading

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3 Sisters Vegetarian Chili, with Winter Squash, Corn and Beans

While we’ve started planning for the new growing season, we’re still eating from the last, and this 3 Sisters Vegetarian Chili with Winter Squash, Corn and Beans makes good use of what we have left in storage. To the traditional … Continue reading

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Summer Squash, 10 Ways

The pleasures of August are many, including the onslaught of summer squash. Like so many things in the garden, it’s a fine balance between having too much or too little. We plant with the anticipation of the toll taken by … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Pickles & Relish

Canning pickles helps to free up precious refrigerator space, and preserves them for longer term storage. With some of my previous attempts resulting in less than satisfactory pickles, I was looking forward to picking up some tips for crispier pickles … Continue reading

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