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Sorrel Fettucine + Sorrel Pesto

Like “lemonade in a leaf,” sorrel’s tart and tangy flavor brightens this simple combination of sorrel fettucine dressed with sorrel pesto. Featuring this perennial herb in both the pasta and the pesto delivers a double dose of spring. Sorrel’s acidic flavor makes this European plant a sought after source of vitamin … Continue reading

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Spekkoek — Thousand Layer Spice Cake

My mother used to make something we would call 10-Egg Cake, a name based on the number of eggs baked into it. Spekkoek, or Thousand Layer Spice Cake, is a similarly egg-laden concoction. Though the name is more poetic than actual, it’s composed of multiple … Continue reading

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Putting Up: Beet Pickled Quail Eggs

These Beet Pickled Quail Eggs, cheerfully tinted pink, are like a grown-up version of dyeing eggs for Easter. We first encountered these when a farmer friend, who was expanding into raising quail, started experimenting with pickling their eggs. Ever since … Continue reading

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Pasta Carbonara with Kale

“In heaven, after antipasti, the first course will be pasta.” — Steve Albini We’d both arrived home late, so birthday dinner for the Gardener needed to be something easy, yet still feel special. We’d happened to pick up duck eggs … Continue reading

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Local Food: Shrimp and Cabbage Fritters + Winter Salad

I was going to call this post, “Not just potatoes.” This is for one of my cooking students who asked what could there possibly be to eat during winter that’s local. When I described what farmers were bringing to our … Continue reading

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Cheddar and Ale Gougères

When I had an unexplicable urge to make gougères, I wondered if I was channeling something. All of a sudden they seemed the right thing to make. Light as air with tops shellacked by melted cheese, their crackling crust give way … Continue reading

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12.18.11 Juliet tomatoes with eggs

At the last North Berwick Farmers’ Market in late October I was able to grab a couple of pints of  Juliet tomatoes from Moondance Gardens before they disappeared for the season. My first encounter with the Juliet several years ago was less then promising … Continue reading

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