Finding Local: Maine Grains Flour and Grains

Finding Local: Maine Grains

A brand new display of Maine Grains just appeared at Philbrick’s Fresh Market in Portsmouth — including their whole wheat flour, sifted wheat flour, wheat berries and cracked oats, all from Aroostook County and stone ground at the Somerset Grist Mill in Skowhegan — making it easier than ever to cook and bake with local flour and grains.

Finding Local: Finding Local

The back of each bag lists the variety of wheat and where it’s grown. Magog is a hard spring red wheat, with a protein level of 11.62%, which makes it excellent for baking, and is approximate to what’s frequently referred to as all-purpose flour. The sifted whole wheat, with 86% of the bran extracted makes for a lighter flour that produces a loftier bread, while still retaining some of its nutritious qualities.

Finding Local

Even the oats have a name, and the Alymer is known for its plump kernel and high yields. The larger grain makes it particularly suited to milling, with the cracked oats cooking up similarly to the steel cut ones. While Somerset Grist Mill holds scheduled tours, one of the best times to visit is during the annual Kneading Conference and Artisan Bread Fair, now in its 9th year in Skowhegan, and coming up July 30–August 1.

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