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7.15.13 Agretti, Invaders, and Other People’s Harvests

This is the second time around with the radishes and agretti. The early spring plantings of both failed to thrive, and were replanted with enough success to be included in this week’s harvest. To get beyond the low germination rate, … Continue reading

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Macaroni Peas

The reward for shelling ten pounds of peas for freezing is setting aside enough to make Macaroni Peas. A meetup of two English classics, mushy peas and macaroni cheese, this is the kind of seasonally vibrant dish that is completely of the … Continue reading

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Pea Pod Broth

So much of cooking, especially preserving, is born of necessity. It’s always disturbed me that we didn’t use the pods left from shelling peas. Their skins dense with pea flavor, it seemed a wasted opportunity to just chuck them in … Continue reading

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7.8.13 Shell Peas and Greens

The peas we bring home from the farmers’ market are mostly for preserving, while the homegrown ones are solely reserved for eating right away. The first planting of them are finally ready, while the second batch has come to halt … Continue reading

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Red, White and Blue Potato Salad with Peas

New potatoes are popping up at the farmers’ market, with these red, white and blue ones arriving just in time for an Independence Day picnic. Steam them in their jackets, let cool, and toss with a cupful of freshly shelled … Continue reading

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7.1.13 Days of Vegetables and Roses

A thick hedge of rosa rugosas borders two sides of our vegetable garden. They were already here when we moved in, and, though they’re not thought of as companions, are excellent at attracting natural pollinators to the garden. Rhubarb leftover … Continue reading

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6.24.13 Greens, Scapes, and Rhubarb

The long spring allowed us to put off picking rhubarb until this week. It’s rare that their season coincides with that of local strawberries, and, to celebrate, we straight away made a strawberry rhubarb galette. All of the garlic is … Continue reading

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