6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

With Solstice’s long, sunny days as encouragement, newly planted seeds worked overtime to emerge. We’re always glad to see signs in the garden that seeds have germinated, and on this particular day it seemed they got bigger every time we looked. To prove that we weren’t merely imagining things, we captured their first appearance, and six hours later that same day. Above: A double planting of Masai filet beans, looking a little scarred and battle weary at having pushed their way through.

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

Ta-dah! Six hours later, the beans (above) have straightened out and unfurled their first set of leaves, with a second one ready to go.

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

The Boothby Blonde cucumbers (above) have been reluctant to germinate this year, and this was just one of two that made it, looking a little tentative.

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

It’s like watching chicks peck out of their shells, the relief at accomplishing this seemingly small task is palpable.

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

In comparison, the Costata Romanesco zucchini (above) just shoulders through.

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

Seedling sun salutation — looking hopeful and robust, and portending zucchinis in our future.

6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

Solstice also marks the last harvest of asparagus and, this year, the first harvest of peas. Our planting of Coral is an early variety, but is dying off quickly after bearing.

Planting: Tomatoes, leeks, celeriac, and a reseeding of Delicata winter squash.

Harvesting: First of the peas; last of asparagus; also rhubarb, salad greens, arugula, kale, agretti thinnings, and chive blossoms.

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5 Responses to 6.23.14 Soaking up Solstice

  1. LizM says:

    Love this one Deb!

  2. Margaret says:

    Those photos are fascinating – I never would have thought that a few hours would make such a difference!

  3. It does feed the soul to watch a garden progress. Good photos. :-)

  4. daphnegould says:

    Those peas look so perfect.

  5. azita says:

    Sprout – what a captivating and touching sight. I love this corner of the Internet. It’s my happy place! :)

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