Summer Pea Soup, with Walnut Bread and Herbed Cream Cheese

Day of Rest

A day of rest and recuperation called for gently heated minty pea soup mixed with potato leek from The Soup Guy, seasoned with some good olive oil and saved just for this occasion; walnut bread made with Maine Grains and baked off in a wood-fired oven at the Kneading Conference; and served with an herby, soft cheese spread. When the bread ran out, we had the rest of the cheese scooped up with shards of Craquelins crackers. Because every day is a banquet, dear friends, even when the orders are to keep it light.

We adapted this recipe for homemade Boursin, using chives and their blossoms, dill and garlic scapes from the garden — thanks for the inspiration, Katrina!

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2 Responses to Summer Pea Soup, with Walnut Bread and Herbed Cream Cheese

    • leduesorelle says:

      The flowers arrived, the delivery man alone made me smile… thank-you for thinking of me, every glance at them reminds me of you two… xxdk

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