Slurry Noodles

Following our first attempts at making noodles, we came across this video of a street vendor in China preparing sweet potato starch noodles while at the same time demonstrating some lesser understood laws governing non-Newtonian fluids. If you’ve ever mixed cornstarch with water into a slurry to thicken a sauce, a combination scientists call by the Seussian name Oobleck, you’re probably familiar with how the cornstarch can settle into a hard mass at the bottom of the bowl. Something similar to that is happening here. From Modernist Cuisine, which offers a fuller scientific explanation, and Cooking Issues, who figured out that these are the same noodles used in the Korean dish Japchae, and also known as glass noodles.

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5 Responses to Slurry Noodles

  1. cheri says:

    Love street food, very interesting.

  2. Way to work oobleck into a post. Not an everyday thing! That guy looks like he’s having a grand old time.

  3. kate @ bbf. says:

    That is so cool! And yes, he makes it look easy!

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