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Barley Scones with Rhubarb-Ginger Jam

I’m a terrible shopper when traveling. Fortunately, the Gardener is not. Other husbands may bring home gifts of meat. Much like the Will Ferrell character in the movie Stranger than Fiction, mine brings me flours. There was buckwheat flour from a … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Ball’s BPA-Free Canning Lids

We’ve long been concerned about BPA in canning lids, and just received a tip from an alert reader that Ball is now offering BPA-free lids: They began production/release of their BPA-free lids in January 2013. To identify a BPA-free box … Continue reading

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4.29.13 Preserving the New Season

While inspecting our stores and planning this year’s garden, we’re making a mental list of things to preserve in the coming season: – Freezing peas — One of the earliest tasks; as with tomatoes, we can’t imagine not having some stored away … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Hands-On Workshops

A series of hands-on food preservation workshops are being offered through the UMaine Cooperative Extension, with several of them hosted by the Kittery and Marshwood (South Berwick) Adult Education programs. The upcoming 3-class series on Preserving Homemade Condiments begins on Monday, February 25th. We’ll be … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Blue Ribbon Winners

The last section of  the Master Food Preserver Program was on judging canned goods at fairs, a fitting end to our training as one of the opportunities available to volunteer Master Food Preservers is fulfilling requests at different fairs. Each jar … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Winter Storage Techniques

An important part of eating locally year-round in Maine is learning to store food for the winter. To further knowledge about this, the Master Food Preserver Program includes a section on Winter Storage Techniques. Kathy Hopkins, the Somerset County Extension … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Canning Acid Foods

The eighth class in the Master Food Preserver Program built on knowledge gained in previous sessions, and introduced us to additional techniques for canning and preserving high acid foods, particularly fruit. Shown above: The new stainless steel boiling water canner … Continue reading

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