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Mastering Food Preservation: Canning Acid Foods

The eighth class in the Master Food Preserver Program built on knowledge gained in previous sessions, and introduced us to additional techniques for canning and preserving high acid foods, particularly fruit. Shown above: The new stainless steel boiling water canner … Continue reading

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Peach Dumpling Pie

As we go into the holiday weekend, Peach Dumpling Pie is a fine way of celebrating this last bit of summer. Based on the Apple Dumpling Pie I usually make all fall and winter, these just-ripe peaches are laid out … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Freezing Fruit

The fifth session of the Master Food Preserver Program was timed to coincide with raspberry season. Unfortunately, an infestation of Spotted Wing Drosophila decimated the local farmers’ crop. Fruit growers are keeping a watch on this new pest as it spreads throughout the region, the … Continue reading

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