6.18.13 Good Weather Days


Though, by the calendar, Solstice is near, it remains very much spring here. The scent of lilacs mingles with that of their later companions, peonies and roses, in our daily rounds of the garden.

6.17.13 Good Weather Days

Hailstorm aside, the warming days, cooler nights, and occasional rains of June make for good planting weather. Above: French and lemon gem marigolds, basil and a couple of cucumber seedlings.

6.17.13 Good Weather Days

We’ve been picking our way around the fennel volunteers that have appeared in the  pathway. Their vigor has us considering direct seeding next season for an earlier start.

6.17.13 Good Weather Days

Pea (above) and fava blossoms are appearing, each a step towards another eagerly anticipated pod.

6.17.13 Good Weather Days

Newly planted potatoes quickly pushed their way back up through the soil. We’re again experimenting with growing them in containers, each with a different configuration.

6.17.13 Good Weather Days

A promising start for the second planting of Agretti, which gave us the confidence to start two other Italian specialty greens, erba stella and scuplit.

6.17.13 Good Weather Days

This week’s harvest: Garlic scapes, asparagus, salad greens, fun jen, and tatsoi.

This week’s planting: Potatoes, cucumbers, fennel, summer and winter squash, green beans, peppers, salad greens, radishes, herbs, and rice.

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10 Responses to 6.18.13 Good Weather Days

  1. Annie says:

    Spring has a way of soothing and rejuvenating at the same time. You captured it here.

  2. Looking forward to learning about erba stella and sculpit.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Us, too! They were an impulse buy when shopping for agretti seeds. We know nothing about them, and hope they take so we can find out more.

  3. Norma Chang says:

    I did not know fennel would self sow. Will your asparagus retain its purple color after cooking?

    • leduesorelle says:

      Hi, Norma! We let some of the fennel go, for the flower heads, pollen and seeds, but don’t know if these volunteers will come up true. Like a lot of purple vegetables, the asparagus reverts to green when cooked.

  4. Daves's SFG says:

    Your garden is so beautiful, particularly compared to my sodden mess. The fennel volunteers are neat, I’ll trade you some fennel for my kale volunteers. My kale is also underfoot and a haven for the flea beetles, so it is soon to go, particularly since it is now flowering.

  5. Barbara Good says:

    Looks fantastic, I can taste that asparagus. Can’t wait to have the space to plant some in my garden.

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