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6.18.13 Good Weather Days

Though, by the calendar, Solstice is near, it remains very much spring here. The scent of lilacs mingles with that of their later companions, peonies and roses, in our daily rounds of the garden. Hailstorm aside, the warming days, cooler … Continue reading

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3.11.13 Garden Beginnings, Part 1

It didn’t seem insane at the time. The way we figured it, you have to start someplace. It was 2008, and, with inspiration from Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, we set up two raised beds and began a vegetable garden of our own.  … Continue reading

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9.17.12 Pomodorini tomatoes, shelling beans & cucumbers

The overnight temperatures are hovering around 50°F and we’re concerned about leaving the pomodorini appesi, or hanging tomatoes, out for much longer. The Aprile pomodorini are beginning to take on color, enough so that we were able to harvest a few … Continue reading

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9.10.12 When summer overlaps winter

On seeing the winter squash vines starting to die back, one senses the inevitable change in season. Of the two types of winter squash we planted this year, we’d had high hopes for the Sibley but it failed to thrive. The … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Pickles & Relish

Canning pickles helps to free up precious refrigerator space, and preserves them for longer term storage. With some of my previous attempts resulting in less than satisfactory pickles, I was looking forward to picking up some tips for crispier pickles … Continue reading

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8.20.12 Summer in a jar

These jars are like a timeline of summer’s harvests. Ever since reading about Daphne’s refrigerator pickles, our refrigerator has been slowly filling up with them, added to as the season progresses. Left to right: baby carrots, Cincinnati Market radishes, and … Continue reading

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8.6.12 August harvest

Another batch of radishes, Cherry Belle and Cincinnati Market, spicy from the heat, and the end of the first planting of carrots, a mix of Napoli and Red Core Chantenay. The parsnips, called Andover and planted for overwintering, needed thinning and yielded … Continue reading

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