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2.18.13 Not quite spring-dug parsnips

During a brief break in the weather, we ventured out to harvest what remained of our winter crop.  The snow has settled and crusted over, sealing down the covers, and required some earnest shoveling in order to open them up.  … Continue reading

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8.6.12 August harvest

Another batch of radishes, Cherry Belle and Cincinnati Market, spicy from the heat, and the end of the first planting of carrots, a mix of Napoli and Red Core Chantenay. The parsnips, called Andover and planted for overwintering, needed thinning and yielded … Continue reading

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Tagliatelle with Spring-Dug Parsnips and Bacon

While other parts of the country are enjoying such seasonal delights as asparagus, this unlikely pairing of sweet, caramelized parsnips with rich egg tagliatelle is a celebration of what early spring here in Northern New England has on offer. The name … Continue reading

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4.3.12 Spring-dug leeks, carrots and parsnips

We’ve begun to clear the beds in preparation for new planting, and pulled the last of the over-wintered leeks. These are of the King Seig variety, which proved true their reputation for hardiness and good storing capability. The parsnips were … Continue reading

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Spring-Dug Parsnip Chowder

Described as having “hints of mace, cinnamon, celery seed, and clove,” the flavor that most came to mind when I first tasted parsnips was coconut. I was in my 20’s, living in New York, and visiting friends in the country … Continue reading

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