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Fall Foraging: Horse Chestnuts

Learning to forage is a way of naming the world. Little by little, what was once unknown becomes known, and as familiar as picking a loved one’s face out of a crowd. In the process, we become aware of what’s edible and, just as importantly, recognizing what’s not. While … Continue reading

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Seaside Foraging: Beach Lovage, Sea Beans & Sea Plantain

Fall finds — just a handful of the edibles discovered with local forager Jenna Rozelle, who shared her wealth of knowledge with us on a recent walk (clockwise, from top left): parsley-like beach lovage or wild celery; crunchy sea beans or glasswort; and … Continue reading

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5.5.14 Foraging Wild Garlic — Allium vineale

There’s a patch of garden next to the back door that’s a little less kempt and where straggly clumps of grass reappear every spring. In our sporadic attempts to tidy it, we’ve pulled these weedy plants up by the handful, only … Continue reading

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