Change of season, change of heart

Change of Season, Change of Heart... From its beginnings almost four years ago, Diary of a Tomato quickly grew from a record of the garden to a kind of love letter to a particular time, place, and person. How I savored every moment of it — from nurturing seedlings to full fruition, taking what we grew and making something delicious, to the pleasures of our shared table. Things change, however, such is the way of life. I now find myself living in different circumstances and, save for a narrow swath of herbs, without a garden. In a way, this brings me closer to and very much dependent on the larger local food community that surrounds me, and I’m grateful for how it sustains and nourishes me, body and soul. Food has always been a personal subject for me, and when one knows the people who grow, prepare and serve it, it becomes even more so. Thank-you, dear friends, for visiting me here as I continue exploring this remarkable world — snacks and field trips included — and for joining me in celebrating all that we together are creating.

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16 Responses to Change of season, change of heart

  1. A garden is what you make of it whether it is acres, small bed, a few herbs, a patio pot with a cherry tomato or a local food community. It’s a season. It’s a time of year for fresh. Enjoy those veggies and fruits wherever you get them. :-)

  2. Dale Lowery says:

    Thanks for the soulful update and reflections. You have reminded me that our gardens large, small, or only “of the mind” deepen us and connect us to what’s essential, including one another.

  3. Just like the garden, there are seasons for everything. Enjoy this new way of life.

  4. katrina says:

    Oh, my empathy! I am moving to a fifth floor apartment in a lovely city – but right around the corner is a serene street with bungalows and gardens – and I’m signed up for a plot at a community garden. My heart keeps your heart company until we can once again have our gardens.

    • Oh, Katrina, what a complete change for you! It’s difficult to leave behind the things we love, but in change is opportunity. I’m glad you’ll have access to a community garden, and what different riches you’ll find there!

  5. Jane Ward says:

    Ah, change. The new may take some getting used to, but there’s always opportunity in change. I look forward to reading the new adventures and learning about who you meet in your pursuits of fresh food.

  6. maesprose says:

    I love what Jane has said and couldn’t agree more.

  7. I have enjoyed reading your blog very much, with your adventures in local eating. I hope to continue reading it, and sharing your Maine life vicariously. But I detect somber undertones to the loss of the garden. Perhaps a loss of a different kind? Be well, be happy. And enjoy continued adventures in local cuisine.

    • I’m honored to have such perceptive readers as yourself, Lou. The loss of the garden is just one of many things that have changed profoundly in my life… let’s just say that after all this time writing in the plural voice, I’m now finding my own…

  8. Annie says:

    I look forward to following your explorations of this remarkable world wherever that new journey takes you. No matter what size gardens you are able to cultivate, be sure to keep your hands in the soil along the way.

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