Wild Massachusetts Razor Clams

IMG_0003While on a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend, I spotted wild razor clams from Massachusetts at the Eataly fish counter. Though harvested in our own region, most of these bivalves get shipped off to other places like Chicago, and are only very rarely available in local seafood cases. They’re sometimes featured as a special at such restaurants as Anju and Eventide, so it’s with great delight to see this native food claim a place of its own on the menu at the newly opened Franklin Oyster House in Portsmouth.

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4 Responses to Wild Massachusetts Razor Clams

  1. I remember razor clams from Connecticut. Seems to me they went into a clam chowder. I have been visiting a local fish market here in Southern California and learning about the seafood caught in our local waters. So far, my favorite is spot prawns.

  2. katrina says:

    Oh, my gosh – does that remind me of SO many times getting cut by them bayside in Wellfleet and Truro, on the Cape! Sadly, cannot eat shellfish anymore without wicked reaction, but fish, always my first pick for dinner!

    • Thanks for that memory, Katrina, you confirm that the name is well-founded! I never had the misfortune of stepping on one, though it was seeing their shells on the beach here that originally gave me the idea that it was something to be found in this region!

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