The Eastern Bike Trail: Leafing Out in Maine

Eastern Trail

By the timing of this year’s leaf-out, spring has only just arrived, and has been making up for its tardiness mightily ever since — one day bare branches, the next fully draped in tender greenery. To celebrate this turn in weather and in honor of National Bike Month, I grabbed my newly tuned-up steed and took it out for a spin. Several sections of the nearby Eastern Trail are off-road, affording long stretches of traffic-free riding, making it a terrific place to train for the upcoming Maine Women’s Ride. Remember to get outside this long week-end, dear friends, and enjoy some wind in your hair and sun on your skin.

– The Eastern Trail:
– Bicycle Coalition of Maine:
– Maine Women’s Ride:
– Gridded Spring Indices, National Phenology Network:

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2 Responses to The Eastern Bike Trail: Leafing Out in Maine

  1. Amen to getting outside this weekend. Now, if the forecasted frost doesn’t kill our veggies we’ll be living right. :-)

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