Assembling pomodorini appesi for hanging

Elizabeth Minchilli filmed these women from Puglia demonstrating how to string together hanging tomatoes, or pomodorini appesi, while attending Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto one year. Their technique differs markedly from that shown in another video. Here, the tomatoes are shown strung together individually and by their stem tops, rather than in small clusters of two or three tomatoes with a bit of vine attached between them.

Check out her post, “hanging tomatoes at the salone del gusto,” for more about these pomodorini. In addition to offering food workshops and tours of Rome, this year Elizabeth led a small group tour of this wondrous event. We can’t imagine a more fun person to go with.

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2 Responses to Assembling pomodorini appesi for hanging

  1. John Forti says:

    I also watched them do it the same way. I was very surprised and wondered if they were not just spreading out the work and utilizing the individual drops in this way. I am quite sure that the natural spacing offers the tomatoes a better chance to ripen with air circulation and less pressure and would think that storing them on the vine works best if possible. I only took pictures to post on my page. I did however bring back Pomodorino del Piennolo for seed saving if you are interested. They are similar but have a very pleasant pointed nipple/taper at the end. Miss you! p.s. thanks for posting about our 25 Mile Thanksgiving. Hope to see you. oxo John

    • leduesorelle says:

      Ciao, John, welcome back! I saw the pix you posted, am jealous you actually got to see them make these. All of the hanging pomodorini we saw in Puglia were strung up this way, as individual tomatoes. The hanging technique seems to range as much as the tomato varieties do, changing from place to place. Would love to see what you brought back, and compare notes! And, just for the record, I think going to Terra Madre with you would also be a blast!

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