11.12.12 Winter tomato, pomodorini harvest


We selected two types of pomodorini appesi — Italian winter or hanging tomatoes — to grow this season. The Aprile, named after the masseria in Puglia where the seeds came from, are now in their second year.


The Ponderosa del Oro, another pomodorini from Puglia, are also a repeat from last year.


The growing conditions this year seemed particularly favorable, and both varieties of pomodorini produced insanely prodigious amounts of fruit. Above: Laden vines, 9/15/12.


Some of the pomodorini had started ripening by mid-September, and we began bringing them in for storage. The main harvest was on October 2nd, when the bulk of them were picked. Above: Trays of harvested Aprile pomodorini, 10/2/12.


The Ponderosa sel Oro ripened much later than the Aprile. We were about to be away for three weeks and, with the cold fast approaching, we were forced to harvest the pomodorini while still green.

IMG_0082  IMG_0080

We now have two tables full of pomodorini on newsprint-lined trays stored in the basement, all from just 4 plants. Above: The pomodorini after harvest, 10/2/12.


So far, these pomodorini harvested in September are storing well. We go through them about once a week and remove the damaged ones.


It’s been six weeks since these were harvested. The Ponderosa (above, top) are slowly turning orange as they ripen; only a very few appear to be damaged. The late-harvested Aprile (above, bottom) seem to be more compromised, and aren’t holding up as well as those harvested earlier.

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17 Responses to 11.12.12 Winter tomato, pomodorini harvest

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh now that is a harvest !!! What productive plants……….I can just about taste the slurp of olive oil, pasta and a few torn basil leaves…….and of course a glass of prosecco!

  2. Amber says:

    Simply beautiful!!! Congrats!

  3. What a wonderful harvest! Tomato is one of the best vegetables (or fruits) that are in existence! :)

  4. Patsy says:

    Well, those tomatoes certainly do look wonderful! Wish I had a few of those right now!

  5. Wow. That is a lot of tomatoes. They look great!

  6. Norma Chang says:

    Me too, would love to have a bowl full.

  7. Liz says:

    Fabulous harvest – I’m always amazed by how well those varieties store for you.

  8. kitsapfg says:

    What a bounty and so beautiful too. Fresh tomatoes are off our menu now, so they look particularly appealing.

  9. I’m loving all your pomodorini posts! I grow storage tomatoes but didn’t know much at all about the tradition of pomodorini, much less the term. I must trial some of these Italian varieties, and maybe even make some strings to hang!

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