6.11.12 Planting, potting and harvesting

It rained for almost an entire week. As soon as the sun arrived, we were out in the garden catching up on planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, potting up container plants, and harvesting a bevy of greens. Here’s the second planting of radishes, cheerfully pushing themselves up out of the ground.

We lost some of the basil — what the cold didn’t kill off was damaged by the week’s damp conditions. We found these replacement seedlings at the farmers’ market, and hope they’ll soon catch up.

This gathering of salad greens included tatsoi thinnings.

Asparagus nestled alongside French Breakfast radishes — we’re averaging a handful of asparagus every other day.

A bouquet of cooking greens — spring raab, chard and kales.

This Spring Raab from High Mowing Seeds is another cime di rapa, or broccoli raab, and seems more bolt resistant than the Quarantina planted alongside. This is the first time we’ve been able to get some well-developed flowering heads.

The season’s first harvest of Rainbow Mix Chard will go into Ricotta Gnocchi.

The Red Russian and Siberian kales are now producing steadily. We keep a container of kale salad in the fridge to add to sandwiches, quesadillas, and grain salads.

Seeing Fun Jen grown by Daphne’s Harvest Monday crew convinced us to try it this year. Next to the arugula, it’s been our favorite thing to snack on in the garden — a crispy, crunchy texture with a sweet bite. We look to it to provide salad greens into the heat of summer. What’s your favorite way to use it?

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26 Responses to 6.11.12 Planting, potting and harvesting

  1. Liz says:

    I love your radishes – they look perfect. i’m between crops at the moment so I am looking longingly at everyone elses.

  2. kitsapfg says:

    Beautiful harvests! All the greens look so healthy and tender. My basil plants are struggling at the moment because of last week’s rainy and cool weather. I have one plant under a cloche cover and it is doing great. Wished I had covered all of them in hind sight.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Thanks! All of our basil are looking poorly… I like the idea of protecting tender plants under a cloche — do you use a glass one?

  3. Amber says:

    yeah your radishes do look perfect! Thanks for the info on the broccoli raab. I had some older seeds that didn’t germinate this year, but will look to buy some next year. I also want to try the Fun Jen because of Daphne! Is it possible to make it a fall crop? T minus a few weeks to radicchio sowing time here!

    • leduesorelle says:

      We highly recommend the Fun Jen — it germinated beautifully. The description at Kitazawa says it can be planted all season. We don’t quite know what to make of our radicchio planting and am looking forward to learning from yours!

  4. You had a very nice week. I see delicious meals in your future.

  5. becky3086 says:

    Everything looks so good! I love those radishes!

    • leduesorelle says:

      Thanks, I’m actually having a radish-obsessive moment, and just ordered a couple of new ones to add to the rotation!

  6. Lou Murray's Green World says:

    daphne raves about Fun Jen. Now that you like it too, I may try it. I learn so much by blog hopping. Nice harvest for you this week.

  7. Dave says:

    I wish we could have a week of rain. Though I know it isn’t always a good thing. Especially if it does your basil in! You’ve got some great looking greens there.

    • leduesorelle says:

      As they say, be careful for what you wish for! The rains were good for greens but other things were in desperate need of sun!

  8. Norma Chang says:

    My basil is suffering too so is my parsley, not just from the rain and cold but also from something nibbling on them. Lovely greens harvest.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Our parsley as well as the cutting celery are looking less than vibrant, and we’re hoping they’ll bounce back…

  9. Jenny says:

    Beautiful greens! Ours are pretty much done with the heatwave.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Thanks, we can see the first planting threatening to bolt, but have a successive planting coming in just in time!

  10. maryhysong says:

    Your radishes look great! Is that purple asparagus? I planted Purple Passion this year, so maybe I”ll have some in a year or two.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Yes, that’s purple asparagus (probably also Purple Passion) mixed in with some Jersey green — I couldn’t decide when I originally ordered crowns, so got a little of both!

  11. Daves's SFG says:

    Well, your greens and radishes seemed to have enjoyed the weather. Same here on the basil, the rain has beaten them into the ground. The peppers and tomatoes are saying, please, let’s have some sun.

    • leduesorelle says:

      I’m with the peppers and tomatoes, this weather’s been especially tough on newly planted seeds and struggling seedlings. Our season’s so short, we hope there’s still time to replant if need be…

  12. Julie says:

    Radishes and asparagus.. yum! I guess what’s good for greens isn’t good for basil. Hopefully the new basil will thrive.

    • leduesorelle says:

      I’m sure the basil will make it, eventually — it’s the waiting to use it that’s difficult!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful greens. I really want to start my own garden but am waiting patiently to move into my own home before I do. I will look longingly at your in the meantime!

    • leduesorelle says:

      Thanks for visiting and welcome! We started vegetable gardening after years of lusting after other’s. Don’t overlook container or vertical growing, there’s all sorts of possibilities even if you don’t have a plot of land!

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