Local Food: Gateway Farmers’ Market, York

We’ve no shortage of greens, but made a trip to the Gateway Farmers’ Market in York this weekend to supplement what’s in the garden: beets and tomatoes from Riverside Farm; field strawberries from River Lily Farm; cilantro from Moondance Farm; and tucked underneath it all, fresh pasta from Valicenti Organico.

A version of this post also appears at Seacoast Eat Local.

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6 Responses to Local Food: Gateway Farmers’ Market, York

  1. Liz says:

    Oh yum, we have once more entered the season of tasteless (shipped down from Queensland) tomatoes and I am very sad. I’d also like some of those strawberries…

    • leduesorelle says:

      It’s like the hourglass turned over, the harvest falling into our half of the hemisphere! The strawberries were our very first since last year, and were delicious, especially considering the prior week’s rains. I only wish I’d bought more!

  2. Barbara Good says:

    Very tempting looking basket. I had a trip to the farmer’s market this weekend also to supplement the meager offerings of the garden at this time of year (for me at least).

    • leduesorelle says:

      We’re focused on eating from our own garden this year and less trips to the farmers’ market, where the variety is so tempting!

  3. Lou Murray's Green World says:

    Good for you, supporting local farmers. I too supplement my home grown produce with nice things from our local farmers markets.

    • leduesorelle says:

      We’re lucky to have an incredibly diverse range of farmers, and rarely shop in supermarkets and, even then, it’s usually just to pick up paper goods. My parents live in your area, which farmers’ market do you go to or recommend?

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