4.22.12 Cellar onions and a lone tomato

We took advantage of the rainy day by cleaning out the root cellar. Unseasonal warmth has shortened their storage life, and the sprouting onions and potatoes were consigned to compost. Though also beginning to sprout, we’ve still lots of usable garlic left.

We found one lone Ponderosa tomato left in storage, a little wrinkly but looking surprisingly viable.

Sliced open, it was still moist and juicy inside. Tastewise, it was a little green, most likely from being picked too early last fall than being in storage.

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6 Responses to 4.22.12 Cellar onions and a lone tomato

  1. How amazing that it stored so long-hope this year’s crop stores well for you.

    • leduesorelle says:

      I was feeling a little trepidatious about cutting it open, but all the rumours about these tomatoes lasting until May seem to be true!

  2. Liz says:

    Can’t get over that tomato – that’s a long time in storage.

  3. Looks like spring arrived just in time for your household!

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