4.19.12 Apple, quince, and fritillaria

After fearing frost damage, it’s a relief to see the apple tree finally flowering, though it’s the first time we’ve realized that the leaves precede the buds.

We inherited several flowering quinces when we moved here,  just some of the previous owners’ collection of many thorny plants. After multiple transplantings, this one seems to have become established enough to promise harvestable fruit.

In a neglected patch outside of my studio, a fritillaria appeared one year, and every spring thereafter we wait for it to reemerge. What started out as a single bulb has ever so slowly increased in number.

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4 Responses to 4.19.12 Apple, quince, and fritillaria

  1. Claire says:

    How beautiful!

  2. I love the way you have captured the light coming through the Quince blossom-beautiful! Hope you get some fruit in the Autumn-I make Quince jam every year-a highlight I look forward to as the aroma in the house is wonderful. Unfortunately the pesky squirrels eat the quince blossom off my tree so I have to rely on friends or find somewhere to buy the fruit.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Hi, Green Dragonette! The light is still raking at this time of year here, makes it difficult to balance the shadows but can be dramatic. I’ll keep a watch on the squirrels, I hadn’t realized they may be to blame for lack of fruit. I often have to resort to begging off neighbors that grow quince solely as an ornamental.

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