Seaside Foraging: Beach Lovage, Sea Beans & Sea Plantain

Fall Foraging

Fall finds — just a handful of the edibles discovered with local forager Jenna Rozelle, who shared her wealth of knowledge with us on a recent walk (clockwise, from top left): parsley-like beach lovage or wild celery; crunchy sea beans or glasswort; and salty sea plantain or goose tongue. As an extra treat, she brought us Kousa dogwood berries. Though the rind is edible, Jenna showed us how to pop off the stem as the quickest way to the rich, custardy interior.

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3 Responses to Seaside Foraging: Beach Lovage, Sea Beans & Sea Plantain

  1. Norma Chang says:

    I had no idea Kousa dogwood berries are edible. I have a Kousa dogwood but never tried the berries, next year I will know better.

  2. While edible, the rind reminds me of lychees and definitely off-putting, so it was nice to learn a way to get to the interior directly!

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