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6.18.13 Good Weather Days

Though, by the calendar, Solstice is near, it remains very much spring here. The scent of lilacs mingles with that of their later companions, peonies and roses, in our daily rounds of the garden. Hailstorm aside, the warming days, cooler … Continue reading

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6.3.13 Beneficial Procrastination

Touring other’s gardens online, we see that we’re woefully behind in our own. We’ve flats of seedlings to get into the garden, while the overwintered plants have yet to be pulled up. Several weeks ago, we’d harvested what we thought … Continue reading

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5.13.13 Lemon, Asparagus and Sunchokes

After our third tree in so many years, we’ve finally gotten an indoor lemon tree to bear fruit. From bloom to ripe citrus, this solitary harvest took seven months of patient tending. What to do when you only have one? … Continue reading

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Pasta with Spring Greens and Fresh Cheese

Though the season’s first harvest of asparagus yielded but a handful, it was enough to finally welcome spring to our table with a glorious green pasta primavera. We make some version of this as the selection of spring vegetables ebbs … Continue reading

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5.6.13 Asparagus, Spring Onions and Chard

Enough of the asparagus has finally made it’s way up to warrant harvesting. Along the way, we picked some of the over-wintered Fordhook chard, a handful of spring onions ( chives, walking onion, and garlic chives), and a couple of … Continue reading

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6.18.12 Rhubarb, asparagus and garlic scapes

A friend advises picking asparagus between Mother’s and Father’s Day. As the asparagus season wanes, we begin harvesting the first of the garlic scapes.  Greens are coming in strong, including our plantings of tatsoi and fun jen. Carrots and beets … Continue reading

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6.11.12 Planting, potting and harvesting

It rained for almost an entire week. As soon as the sun arrived, we were out in the garden catching up on planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, potting up container plants, and harvesting a bevy of greens. Here’s the second planting … Continue reading

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