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6.2.14 Kitchen garden herbs

“…there is nothing more inspiring than walking into a kitchen that is full of the aromas of herbs as their essential oils mingle with the food.” — Jekka McVicar By now, the herb garden’s had enough time to allow for any latecomers. … Continue reading

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5.26.14 All the leaves were calling me

I meant to do my work today — But a brown bird sang in the apple tree, And a butterfly flitted across the field, And all the leaves were calling me. — Richard Le Gallienne Traditionally, we hold off much … Continue reading

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5.19.14 Asparagus — Roasted with Green Garlic

This week’s harvest of asparagus marks the first real harvest of the season. In a fit of scorpacciata, we’ll be indulging in these as much as we can these next few weeks. We never tire of them simply roasted, and tossed … Continue reading

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5.12.14 Sing a song of Spring

“Sing a song of Spring!” cried the sunshine of the May, And into bloom the whole world burst in one delicious day! — Celia Thaxter From our house, we can see the Isles of Shoals, where the poet Celia Thaxter kept … Continue reading

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5.5.14 Foraging Wild Garlic — Allium vineale

There’s a patch of garden next to the back door that’s a little less kempt and where straggly clumps of grass reappear every spring. In our sporadic attempts to tidy it, we’ve pulled these weedy plants up by the handful, only … Continue reading

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4.29.14 Pea seedlings and other garden sightings

“Though other crops in their season — fine lettuces and radishes, green beans, tomatoes ripened on the vine, or fresh-picked corn — justify the vegetable garden and all the labor it entails, peas, really fresh peas picked at the briefest … Continue reading

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4.21.14 Cultivated Shiitake Mushrooms + Ramps

As soon as last week’s snow melted, we poked around the garden and came across one of the shiitake logs fruiting. We’d long given up on them, but they’ve proven tenacious. Two logs were inoculated in 2010 and left in wooded part of our garden. They usually … Continue reading

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