2.12.13 Winter tomatoes / pomodorini in February


It’s mid-February and we’re down to four trays of the pomodorini or winter tomatoes remaining in storage. The red Aprile were harvested in September, the yellow-orange Ponderosa in early October, about five months on.


They’re still quite viable, even the wrinkly ones. We’ve been cooking with them in all manner of dishes, such as frittatas, soups, stews, and, of course, with pasta.


Simply halved, the pomodorini made for a warming mid-winter tomato paella.

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8 Responses to 2.12.13 Winter tomatoes / pomodorini in February

  1. azita says:

    Uhm, really like the tomato paella recipe, would like to make that. My store-bought tomatoes pale in comparison – but will have to do. How do you guys keep the tomatoes viable for so long after harvesting?

  2. Eileen Morgenweck-Schwartz says:

    Wow, if it didn’t require more shoveling I’d be tempted to jump into the car and come by for a meal.

  3. Wow, that is truly impressive. Fresh tomatoes from your garden that have lasted until February. That is planning ahead. I have frozen whole tomatoes in the freezer that are good in soups and stews, but certainly no fresh ones.

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh what a success they have been ! well worth the effort to grow…………..

  5. maesprose says:

    I am very impressed!

  6. Liz says:

    I wish I had somewhere to store them to try keeping tomatoes that long….although (she says cogs whirring…) perhaps my parents do…hmmmm i will investigate. What temperature do you keep them at?

  7. Simona says:

    They look great and very comforting when outside is cold and snowy. This time of the year, I go through my stash of winter squashes (easier to store than tomatoes). I love that pan!

  8. Laura Mathews says:

    Hi Faith – You’d inquired with Baker Creek if we’d ever tested pomodorini aprile. We have not but it sounds like an interesting variety! Thanks for putting them on our radar.

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