4.19.12 Provoking the weather gods

We had snow, we had hail, we had heat. What we haven’t had much is rain. It’s time to wash the windows and bring it on.

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8 Responses to 4.19.12 Provoking the weather gods

  1. More than happy to send you some of our Welsh rain…

  2. Forgot to say-love the photo-very, very good!!

  3. It’s coming… I love the photo. Cats are such intense beings.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Just a little nudge in the right direction! It’s been so dry, we’ve been on high fire alert. Miss Stella has particularly strong powers of mind control…

  4. Daphne says:

    They keep telling us we will finally get rain today. They said last night. Now it isn’t until afternoon. I really hope it comes. Everything is like dust here.

    • leduesorelle says:

      It is worrisome. I just cleaned out my herb garden and found I lost more than usual this year, most likely due to how dry it’s been. The dirt felt lifeless…

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