10.26.11 Change in the weather

With a prediction of snow, it was time to take what we could from the garden (clockwise from top) — Rainbow Mix chard, King Richard and Giant Musselburgh leeks, Detroit Dark Red beets, and salad greens (Astro arugula mixed with Gourmet and Q’s Special Medley lettuces). Though the beets are cold hardy, we wanted to make sure we saved the greens, which will be combined with the chard for this (via 101 Cookbooks).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everything else went under cover: salad greens, radishes, kales, chard, leeks, celeriac, fennel, parsnips, and carrots, along with a few other things we’re experimenting with.

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6 Responses to 10.26.11 Change in the weather

  1. Popping by from Daphne’s. Loved the slideshow, and your raised bed covers. Very neat and tidy looking. :) –Shanon

  2. Norma Chang says:

    You were so smart. I did not bring in any leeks, celeriac, parsnip or beets nor are they protected. Not sure what I will find after all the snow disappear.

  3. emily says:

    Your greens look great! I love all the covers you’ve created.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Welcome, Emily! We’ve been experimenting with season extension for a couple of years, and they are is a hybrid of low tunnels with cold frames that we adapted from a permaculture workshop.

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