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11.11.13 Under Cover

The garden beds are now readied for winter, a sign of quieter days ahead. To the rear, one of the hoop-covered beds holds hardy carrots, celeriac, and leeks. The other one contains kale, chard and salad greens snug under an … Continue reading

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10.7.13 Picky Eaters

There’s very little worse than coming into the garden and finding that deer have been foraging around. The garden gate was left open overnight and, by the looks of things, they took full advantage of the opportunity. After a quick … Continue reading

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7.8.13 Shell Peas and Greens

The peas we bring home from the farmers’ market are mostly for preserving, while the homegrown ones are solely reserved for eating right away. The first planting of them are finally ready, while the second batch has come to halt … Continue reading

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6.3.13 Beneficial Procrastination

Touring other’s gardens online, we see that we’re woefully behind in our own. We’ve flats of seedlings to get into the garden, while the overwintered plants have yet to be pulled up. Several weeks ago, we’d harvested what we thought … Continue reading

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Agretti Spaghetti with Spring Onions and Lemon

Nothing excites a cook more than discovering a new tool, a new technique, or, in this particular case, a new ingredient. We came across agretti, an Italian specialty green, last season through Seeds from Italy, and vowed to give this … Continue reading

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5.20.13 Kale Rabe

We’ve extolled the virtues of bolted kale here before. Whenever we chance to be in the garden, we pinch off a couple of sweet florets to nibble on. It was with delight, then, that we discovered that snapping further down … Continue reading

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4.15.13 Spring Ramps + Overwintered Greens

We are beyond excited to find our planting of ramps finally making an appearance. With very little else on the scene, they aren’t shy about calling attention to themselves.  We found two small patches, both planted last April from ramps … Continue reading

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