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6.24.13 Greens, Scapes, and Rhubarb

The long spring allowed us to put off picking rhubarb until this week. It’s rare that their season coincides with that of local strawberries, and, to celebrate, we straight away made a strawberry rhubarb galette. All of the garlic is … Continue reading

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Pasta with Spring Greens and Fresh Cheese

Though the season’s first harvest of asparagus yielded but a handful, it was enough to finally welcome spring to our table with a glorious green pasta primavera. We make some version of this as the selection of spring vegetables ebbs … Continue reading

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3.11.13 Garden Beginnings, Part 1

It didn’t seem insane at the time. The way we figured it, you have to start someplace. It was 2008, and, with inspiration from Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, we set up two raised beds and began a vegetable garden of our own.  … Continue reading

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12.17.12 Snow, dried beans, and chicory

“It was evening all afternoon. It was snowing 
And it was going to snow.” — Wallace Stevens, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” The garden snug under its covers and an extra blanket of newly fallen snow. Indoors, we … Continue reading

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9.17.12 Pomodorini tomatoes, shelling beans & cucumbers

The overnight temperatures are hovering around 50°F and we’re concerned about leaving the pomodorini appesi, or hanging tomatoes, out for much longer. The Aprile pomodorini are beginning to take on color, enough so that we were able to harvest a few … Continue reading

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Mastering Food Preservation: Freezing & Canning Low-Acid Vegetables

As a general rule, it’s the acidity of an ingredient that determines the method of canning that should be used. Low acid foods (ph greater than 4.6), such as vegetables and meat, require processing in a pressure canner in order … Continue reading

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8.6.12 August harvest

Another batch of radishes, Cherry Belle and Cincinnati Market, spicy from the heat, and the end of the first planting of carrots, a mix of Napoli and Red Core Chantenay. The parsnips, called Andover and planted for overwintering, needed thinning and yielded … Continue reading

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