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Mastering Food Preservation: Freezing Fruit

The fifth session of the Master Food Preserver Program was timed to coincide with raspberry season. Unfortunately, an infestation of Spotted Wing Drosophila decimated the local farmers’ crop. Fruit growers are keeping a watch on this new pest as it spreads throughout the region, the … Continue reading

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6.20.12 Flowering, fruiting, and scaping

Our arugula is going to seed. We continue to add its spicy leaves to salads along with the flowers, but the blooms signal the end is nearing for this round of planting. Whereas here, each pea bloom is a new … Continue reading

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5.9.12 Apple blossoms

Last week’s hard frost left the tips of some of our trees damaged. With the apple tree beginning to flower, we were glad to see that it was spared. The number of  blooms gives us hope that this year’s harvest … Continue reading

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Boiled Cider, or Apple Molasses

Many traditional New England recipes call for molasses, an ingredient that’s rooted in trade with the West Indies during Colonial times. It has a deep, dark, almost minerally flavor, and is what gives such dishes as baked beans, gingerbread and … Continue reading

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Apple Dumpling Pie

A couple of years ago we took some of our apples to Great Maine Apple Day, MOFGA’s annual event in Unity, to get them identified. We were told they were Priscillas, a late-season variety sought after for its sweetness, and one that stores … Continue reading

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