Last Harvest — A Gift of Quince

Late Harvest: A Gift of Quince

My favorite kind of gift — a visit with a friend ended with a generous bag of quince from her garden, the season’s last harvest. With these in hand, I’m imagining cooking them down just to enjoy as they change in shade, from the tenderest pink to a dusky salmon-hued membrillo. Or maybe a more savory use, their tartness harmonizing with some richly braised meat, as with slow cooked pork or a couple of meaty lamb shanks. But I’ve time to decide, and, until then, they’ll reside safely snug in my kitchen to be enjoyed, like a Bonnard, a bowlful of gold perfuming the room sweetly.

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4 Responses to Last Harvest — A Gift of Quince

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful photo. My vote would be for membrillo.

  2. Katrina says:

    You know, I haven’t really cooked quince, so love your introducing me to membrillo, which sounds delicious! Most of the old timers I met in New Hampshire told me to put them in a bowl on the table – that it would scent the whole house. Lacking a quince bush, I never found out if that was true .

  3. Norma Chang says:

    I too have not cooked with quince and did not know about membrillo, next time I visit Whole Foods I must get some to try.

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